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All Acme propellers are engineered manufactured inspected and shipped directly from Acme?s U.S. facilities. Acme?s CNC process provides the most accurate method for consistently producing propellers to the correct diameter pitch and cup etc. Through this process Acme can ?dial-in? to make incremental changes in any or all of these elements which enables the development of an optimum propeller for each specific make and model of boat.
MERCRUISER - 4.3L 155-250 hp ('96 & Newer) 5.0L 180-250 hp ('95 & Newer) 5.7L 210-300 hp ('93 & Newer) 6.2L 320 hp ('01 & Newer) 7.4L 300-385 hp ('90 & Newer) 454 385 hp ('96 & Newer) 496 375-425 hp ('01 & Newer) 502 390-425 hp ('96 & Newer) D2.8L 150 hp ('97 & Newer) D3.6L 180 hp ('96 and Newer) D4.2L 200-250 hp ('96 & Newer) D7.3L 260-300 hp ('94 & Newer).
Turning Point Propeller Engineers have captured the best high performance stainless steel blade designs in our Hustler® aluminum product line. By using the latest squeeze cast manufacturing technologies, we produce propellers with minimal blade flex, thin tip profiles, aggressive rake angles and variable pitch. Finally, high performance at a price any boater can afford. What you can expect from the Turning Point Engineering Team:
Constructed of naval brass and hardened stainless steel these locks provide 24 hour theft protection for your valuable propeller.
You wouldn’t drive your car without a spare tire, would you?

Acme has the answer to keep you from spending all your time on the dock during your next vacation. A spare prop and the Acme Weekend Saver Kit has everything you need to get back on the water.