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Great White Edition
Mounting and control options:
Bow mounted, hand controlled
Transom mounted, hand controlled

There's no trolling motors on the planet more prepared for the extreme test of saltwater than Great White. Heat? Corrosion? Big-water pounding? All in a day's work for these predators. Our Great White edition is the choice of guides, competitive anglers, and die-hards around the world. From the specially formulated coating, to the epoxy-sealed lower unit, to the stainless steel shaft - the durability starts on the outside and goes all the way to the core. 

Shallow-water saltwater guides and anglers on the Saltwater Redfish circuits choose Great White Digital for a simple reason - they're the most dependable trolling motors out there. Long days on the flats are the ultimate test of your equipment, and these motors don't just pass it, they eat it up and come back for more. MotorGuide invented the saltwater-specific trolling motor, and we continue the leadership today as the choice of guides and avid saltwater anglers around the world.

Great White. The only motor ready to go the distance with you in one of the most caustic environments on earth.


  •    Digital power in 82 and 105 pounds of thrust with 24- or 36- volt power options.

  •    Ultra pure aluminum coating "self-heals" from scratches providing added protection in abrasive shallow water use.

  •    Stainless steel shaft, fasteners and control cables.

  •    Anodized aluminum mounts and components prevent galvanic corrosion through our specialized multi-step process.

  •    Completely sealed Digital module is protected from heat, moisture, corrosion and shock, greatly improving durability.

  •    Improved efficiency results in extended battery life and more time on the water.

  •    Soft-start feature ramps up power, creating smoother initial motion.

  •    Quiet, smooth operation lets you get closer to the fish.

  •    Machete III propeller is quieter and has a smaller diameter than two-blade designs for ultimate shallow water performance.

  •    Compact, lightweight lower units.

  •    Dual saltwater anodes for added corrosion protection.

Key Advantages
Digital Guardian

monitors your motor's amp draw, heat dissipation, output and other vital parameters. The result is a motor that self-regulates - a cooler, more durable running motor with an extended service life. It is a self-contained, sealed module in the lower unit that brings all vital motor components together in one protected location, eliminating outdated analog circuit boards and related componentry.
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